Brand Appreciation

Appreciated by you at the first stage, by us, after the first contact and by final consumer, Brand Appreciation can be analyzed transversally.

By Brand Appreciation, it is understood as a whole of a brand/product/service, through its attributes (name, logo, visual elements, slogans) and the perception of the needs of its consumers. It is a genuine process with consumers, it is a way to establish a relationship with a brand per se and to value the brand for what it is and not represent the market (its values, ideas, products, services, etc.).

But what is the utility of a Brand Appreciation?

More than presenting a brand and getting to know the market, it is crucial that it is recognized by the consumer. Whether it is through a memory, a unique experience, a unique product/service or simply by identifying with a brand, we should encourage the consumer to recognize a brand, since this process strongly influences the purchasing decision process.

Brand recognition is one of its key elements for adding value to the product, service or company and can result in long-term competitive advantages.