Idea Validation

Idea Validation encompasses two distinct areas that complement each other, business analysis and design per se. However, in this case, the focus will be the Business Idea, the act of creating something, observing reality or finding a market need. Defining the general and specific idea and objective, we move towards structuring the business, which addresses the starting point of the business, moving from creative insight to the beginning of the validation process.

Idea Validation is similar to a test drive for your product or service, which can be done through online communication channels (landing page, blog, contact forms and PPC ads) or offline (interviews, questionnaires, Focus group, etc.).

Idea Validation Process:

  1. Evaluating the idea impartially
  2. Gather Sample Feedback
  3. Creating a MPV (Minimum Viable Product)

But what is an MPV? A prototype of your product or service, which allows you to test real situations of consumption or use (eg Mobile App), this is the simplest version of it, which in turn represents your Unique Selling Proposal!