Target Definition

From the English "Target", means more precisely the target audience you want to reach. But let's start at the beginning: if you do not know your target audience how do you get to it? How do you know what their interests and needs are? Where to find them etc.?

The target audience is a set of people with the same characteristics (gender, age, economic level, status, etc.) or interests that you want to achieve with your product/service.

The definition of the target is a fundamental factor in the definition of the Marketing and Communication Strategy of the company, which may change over time due to socioeconomic and cultural changes. Therefore, it is important that the "right people" (through market segmentation), at the right time and place, be disseminated to get more results and reduce costs. Defining the target requires the use of certain targeting criteria to easily group people with similar characteristics.

Targeting Criteria:

  • Sociodemographic: gender, age, nationality, education, professional activity, income
  • Geographic: residence, urban/rural, country
  • Behavioral: sensitivity to price, quality, status
  • Lifestyle: personality, lifestyle, values

However, these can vary according to your business nature, which is why we research, delimit the public, highlight the offer, listen to, observe and define the Communication Strategy.