Website Design

Focused on usability, accessibility and user browsing experience, Website Design is an extension of Graphic Design. Your process involves the collection and implementation of ideas, in order to fulfill the purpose initially defined: to present the content in an attractive way in web pages.


  • Layout: how the graphics, images, text and advertisements are organized and presented to the user, in order to highlight certain information/ image;
  • Color: through the objectives and target of each company, the colors that best represent and communicate them are chosen;
  • Graphics: includes logos, images, photographs, icons, GIFs, among others, that aim to improve the graphic aspect of the page;
  • Sources: with or without serif, ascending or descending, allow you to highlight their contents;
  • Conteúdo: always hand in hand with the navigation and usability of the page, content should be relevant and useful to the audience, helping to improve the position in search results (through SEO techniques).

As you read, there are various elements of the website that are determined by design and copywriting, such as content, appearance, how it works, navigation, etc. Therefore, the Website Design has to do with the correct planning and definition of the hierarchy of the web page, through the implementation of a responsive navigation.


  • Navigation: menus, tabs, header, section header, body, hero section, and footer should be created according to how users navigate and search;
  • Multimedia: GIFs, videos or audio, besides market trends, are tools that allow you to create a link with the visitor, encouraging you to stay on the page longer or to identify yourself with the content presented;
  • Compatibility: the web page or website, should have the same performance in different browsers and operating systems;
  • Interactivity: encouraging comments, opinion, sharing and research through the website, increase the participation and involvement of the user with the content presented.

Now that you know the elements that are a part of Website Design, as well as the requirements to be responsive, schedule a meeting with us and we will find the best solution for your company!