Web Design

Considered an extension of Graphic Design, Web Design involves the creation of web pages, websites, blogs, landing pages, online stores, information architecture, mobile or web applications, usability, among others. As these elements together represent the customer's goal, as well as the values and ideals of the brand itself, through a user-friendly navigation, adapted to the mobile (responsive) devices.

It is through the Web Design that the contents to be presented in the BackOffice of the website are created and defined so that the management of the same is easily carried out. But it all starts with a Briefing sent by the client and interpreted by our team, which includes their objectives, desired positioning, target, unique selling proposition and respective products or services.

But do you know that it is the content that defines the visual design of the website, blog or web page? Before creating the design, it is necessary to correctly define the Information Architecture, that identifies all the content that the website must have, such as the number of pages, menus, tabs, links, templates, etc. But also realize how these are visualized in different devices (desktop, mobile or tablet).