The Greek "protós" means first, while "typos" means type, soon Prototype, the first type or model of something, developed by the company. It is a procedure that develops and tests ideas and/or projects, bringing them as close as possible to the expectations of the client.

It applies to a wide range of business and operations areas, always with the same general objective: to present an initial version (demonstrate) of the project requested by the client, in order to validate the requirements.

Purpose of Prototyping:

  • Facilitate the understanding of the
  • Present the concept and features of the project
  • Correct or improve the prototype
  • Prevent any deficiencies in the project (to minimize risks and reduce costs)

Since the Prototyping Model follow these steps:

  1. Survey of Basic User Requirements
  2. Development of prototype
  3. Customer assessment
  4. Improve user requirements
  5. Prototype development
  6. Creation of the final product

Thus, it is possible to propose a suitable solution to the customer's problem or need, increasing its value perception, since it is possible to test, evaluate and perfect the prototype (and consequently the final design) during all stages of the process.