Mobile App Design

Used by more and more people, for the most diverse purposes, Mobile Apps are useful and relevant and provide services or represent a sales channel for a particular product. Numerous Mobile Applications are installed every day around the world, with over 200 billion units in 2017! So the potential for growth is notorious and the companies from various industries test their viability with the target since they represent a business opportunity and online communication channel.

Today users increasingly rely on Smartphones during the purchase decision process and for short periods of time (micro-moments), so their browsing experience should be efficient and enjoyable. To do this, it is necessary to know the users through:

  • Personas: fictional characters created from the expected behavior of their target
  • User Scenarios: Provide information on how a person reacts to a particular state, enable the development of a user-friendly interface
  • Experience Maps: analysis of the conditions for determining the interaction, through the emotions and circumstances of each interaction

After this process, we begin by drawing and sketching in a paper (Initial Sketching) the different functionalities of the application.

Phases of Mobile App Design:

  • Initial outline
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes
  • Real product

It is important that the development of each of the phases are accompanied by a flowchart, that evidences the path taken by the user through the software. In addition, the design of the Mobile App should facilitate simple and common tasks, communicate clearly and in the language of the user and provide useful shortcuts to it. In this way, you can strike a balance between the design and the features of the Mobile Application!