Digital Product Design

Also known as Info products, Digital Products are materials/information produced in digital format and distributed through an online communication channel. Ebooks, manuals, lectures/workshops, videos, images/photographs, magazines or articles are part of the main formats of digital products that, due to their format have a high reach and greatly reduce the costs associated with their creation and production.

The Design of Digital Products has to do with the creation of the visual layout of the same ones, be in format .PDF, .JPG, .MP3 or other.

Digital Products:

  • eBooks: are the most common type of digital products available online. Free digital books (in .PDF format) for the user who downloads them through the insertion of their personal data
  • Videos: one of the main current market trends! They allow the dissemination of exclusive audiovisual content, webinars, classes, tutorials, etc.
  • Podcasts: they are audio recordings that simulate radio programs, whose content varies between interviews, discussions or debates on a certain theme
  • Magazines or e-magazines: as the name implies, magazines are available in digital version, which complies with a previously defined periodicity and guarantees the reader quick access to their contents. It is increasingly used for tablets

Due to their versatility of formats and purpose, they are easily adapted to the needs and objectives of each client, allowing a significant reduction of costs when compared to the printed formats.