Marketing Consulting

More than satisfying customers, Marketing adds value and is a way to create relationships between client - company and maximize consumption. It is closely related to tools that meet the needs of consumers and is the discipline that studies and analyzes the products and services that can please every market segment. Consequently, it defines a Strategy that creates value and fosters the loyalty of consumers to the brand, product or service.


  • Product: or services provided by the company to the market
  • Price: it is one of the most sensitive variables, because it is directly related to the company's revenue and product/ service quality, and can be a criterion of segmentation of the target audience (low, medium, high and luxury)
  • Distribution: it is the way of the customer to acquire the product/ service and passes through distribution channels and market logistics
  • Promotion: the technique to make known and disseminate the product or service
  • People: it is the company's employees who contact the customer directly, they are the face of the company and they must reflect their values and beliefs
  • Processes: from production to consumption per se by the customer, there must be detailed monitoring, and in some cases, there must also be an After Sales Service
  • Physical Evidence: has to do with all the tangible elements of the company, namely the facilities, hygiene, cleaning, decoration, equipment used, air temperature, among others


  • Market Studies and Competition Analysis
  • Marketing Plans and Strategic Plans
  • Analysis, monitoring and monitoring of implemented actions
  • Diverse Copywriting and Content Marketing Materials
  • Marketing and Web Audits
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Generation of Leads
  • Communication and Advertising

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals helps you to define and implement the best Marketing and Communication Strategy to achieve your goals, as well as perceive your market and identify the best communication channel to advertise your products/services .

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