Do you intend to rename your business? Do you intend to change the logo, design, visual (or sound) or another representative element of your company? These changes are called Rebranding! And they can occur for the most varied reasons, among them, repositioning in the market, to distinguish itself from the competition, to change the paradigm of the brand or to follow the market trends.

However, it should not be a decision taken lightly, due to the risks that may be associated with the rebranding process, when the correct strategy is not applied, namely: reduction of market share, unplanned or worst case expectations, the opposite result To the intended. Therefore, it is important to consider current customers (due to consumer habits and brand identification) and prospects.


  • Your buyer persona that helps you realize who your current customers are, what habits they have, where they come from, what products/ services they like best;
  • The new Visual Identity: evaluate the meaning of the colors associated with your brand and choose the most representative of the goals and tone to use;
  • The use of the brand in the various channels of communication: through the implementation of a new marketing and communication strategy;

Defined the above points, we have met the conditions to begin the rebranding process of your brand or business. It is necessary your cooperation in the training of human resources directly (and indirectly) involved with this process and present in the customer's touch points.