Brand Identity for Start Ups

Never launch a New Brand without defining your goals, target, positioning and branding! Many Startups may think (wrongly) that defining the Brand Communication and Image Strategy is wasting time. WRONG! Creating a relevant and consistent brand allows us to establish strong links with users, encourage them to buy and retain them, increasing their visibility and becoming a Top Of Mind Brand. That is why it is so important to define a concept and symbol appropriate to the representation of the brand!

The logo, a lettermark (logo based on the initials of the brand), or a wordmark (logo based on the font of the brand, which work well when the company has a succinct and distinguished name, because it is focused on the brand name, eg Coca-Cola), pictorial marks (logo-symbol, eg, Twitter), an abstract logo (an abstract geometric shape representing the business, eg Adidas), a mascot logo (mascots - In cartoon, is often the spokesperson for the brand) or an emblem (emblem - particularly used by schools, organizations and government entities, due to its traditional appearance), allow you to stand out from the competition and have a unique and exclusive image and symbology. As well as the tone (eg formal, informal, institutional, casual) that you want to use with your audience and the design present in your communication channels (online and offline). It is also important to remember that creating a Brand Identity requires the use of Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies, in order to capture and retain your target.

Therefore, before we jointly define your brand, we must know what corresponds to each following characteristics:

  • What makes it possible to identify your business
  • What is your positioning
  • What distinguishes your products/ services, brand and business from the competition

Do you want to create a New Brand or launch a New Product/ Service on the market? Contact us, together we do Business #Double!