Usability Testing

Market trends, rapid technological developments, and changing consumer behavior have strongly influenced the way they seek information and navigate online. It is known that they are increasingly informed and demanding, rejecting any errors or delays during the process of navigation or exploration of a website. So make sure your website provides a good user browsing (UX) experience.

Are search filters easy to use? Is relevant information easily found? Have navigation problems been identified?

The answer to this and other questions is easily obtained by performing Usability Tests! These are primarily intended to analyze, the ease with which the software or system is understood or manipulated by the user, being evaluated from the point of view of the end user.

Human factors, aesthetic aspects, user interface, online and textual help are some of the elements that are part of this test, allowing to evaluate the ease of use of the project per se.


  • Evaluate the ease of navigation
  • Compare different versions of a given interface
  • Compare the product/ service to the competition
  • Identify unexpected behaviors source (rejection rate, abandonment of the shopping cart, etc.)

In this way, it is possible to identify potential problems and/or observe the likely behavior of users during browsing the website, changing it if necessary. Remember that the primary goal is to keep the user on your website, thereby performing a purchase, budget request, comment or sharing. And the more satisfying the experience, the greater the likelihood of the user returning and of future loyalty to your brand/business!