Performance Tests

Evaluating the capacity, robustness, and availability of an application through the number of simultaneous connections and high load performance are characteristics that are part of the Performance Tests. These allow us to guarantee that the software developed does not present problems or unavailability when under conditions of insufficient resources (memory, processing, disk space, etc.), work with high peaks of a session or when the service is denied by the system. Through these results, it is possible to analyze the average time of resource loading, the speed of the page and to present suggestions for improvements, whenever applicable.

If you want to have an optimized website, this test is crucial!


  • Developed system quality verification
  • Infrastructure capacity analysis and testing
  • Know the number of simultaneous accesses supported
  • Identify the point of exhaustion

But the Performance Test is composed of the following techniques:

  • Load Test: evaluates the application behavior in function of the growth of the number of users, allowing to find the limit of capacity and respective limitation (coding, hardware, response time, etc.). That is, the Load Test analyzes the behavior of the application under normal conditions and with high load peaks.
  • Stress Test: high load is fired against the application, in order to evaluate its behavior in crash scenarios, but also to determine the system's recoverability and stability.
  • Soak Testing: determines whether or not the system can withstand continuous loading over a long period of time, and how to use memory in similar conditions.
  • Rapid Upload Test: simulates the rapid increase in the number of users simultaneously, in a short period of time, in order to check if the system fails or maintains the correct operation before a sudden change in the number of users.
  • Configuration Test: allows you to determine the behavior of the system during configuration changes of an environment component. Eg evaluates the behavior after adding new servers.

By performing these, and other tests, improvements are made to the performance of the website, ensuring fast loading of pages and scripts and style sheets.

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