(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever imagined your company at the top of the search engine results?! Yes, you read well, your business may be on top of Google! How? We explain!

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, methods or studies are applied that aim to improve the positioning of pages and websites in the search engines. The main purpose of SEO is organic search through keywords for a specific target and company. So when a user performs a search on Google or another search engine, organic results that have a direct relationship with the search term are returned to him. As the first places in the search results, they have the best positions (defined by several algorithms, which analyze several factors), which in turn are more likely to receive traffic, clicks, new visits and increase their sales.

But why should you invest in SEO? - Benefits

  • Traffic increase: the better the placement, the greater the number of clicks in the top positions of search results
  • More searches: by using keywords related to your target and business, it helps search engines store a larger number of pages, and is subsequently suggested to a larger number of searches
  • Increase Sales: with a strategy to attract and capture leads, the number of people who come and consult your products or services is higher, thereby increasing the likelihood of selling
  • Analysis and Monitoring (ROI): because it is a technique implemented online, it is possible to use tools of traffic analysis, calculate the ROI, identify the most relevant keywords, origin of customers and traffic and the pages and contents where to invest

But we remember that the work of SEO is continuous in the medium - long term since it does not present immediate results because it takes at least 6 months to observe results. It is necessary to analyze the search terms that are most relevant to you, the type of searches your target is doing, and at what time. Evaluating these points, the website is optimized in order to increase traffic, through the page address, site map, page title, content entered, etc. The latter being one of the most important!

As you could verify, SEO is an essential tool for any company with an online presence, since it is through search engines that users look for information about a particular product or service, which can be YOURS! Do not give your competitors the first place in search engines!