User Testing

Watching your site through the eyes and user behaviors is possible and enable you to optimize a browsing experience not even.

After creating the personas of your company/business, it is important to simulate their access to the website that is being developed, in order to identify gaps, make improvements and highlight the most relevant contents. In this way, you get an unbiased view of the features to be adjusted, organization and structure of the website layout and how to provide an excellent browsing experience.

But beyond the browsing experience, you must quickly realize what your company is offering and delivering. That is why it becomes as important, acting and thinking as a user who is browsing and exploring the website for the first time.


  • Quick results: after the tests and their corrections or improvements, the ease of navigation and understanding of the products/ services that the company discloses is evident;
  • Identify the causes of Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates and dropout Checkout: simulate the entire purchase process, enter billing data, delivery address, payment method selection and payment per se, allow us to identify why The user could leave the website during a purchase;
  • Evaluate the information architecture: taking into account the core business of the company, there are contents that deserve more prominence than others, as well as tabs that must be presented first to the detriment of others.

There are many aspects that should be considered when developing a new website so that the user has an interest in staying the same and returning. In addition to being attractive, you should have all the information about your products or services and satisfy the need or problem of your target. And you must take into account that today's user searches the information autonomously and requires an intuitive and functional website.

Does your website meet the requirements?!