Your Website is Your Online Business Showcase!

13 Jul, 2016 09:00

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Have you noticed that these days, purchases are not only made in physical stores? Increasingly, consumers choose to purchase products and/or services online, without leaving the comfort of their home or office, using only a device with a direct connection to the Internet. Due to its rapid evolution, it is nowadays the stores (clothing, food, travel, consumables and others) that reach consumers, allowing them to decide when, where and how they want to buy, giving them full control over the decision (compare prices, features, brands, conditions, etc.). And for you as a business owner here is a timing opportunity that would otherwise be virtually impossible (depending on your core business of course): have a store open 24 hours a day, increasing the likelihood of buying!

There already exists in the market a panoply of websites specialized in selling products and services online, such as Ebay, Amazon, OLX, among others. However, it is not from these websites that we talk to you today! Our focus is you! Your brand, your business and respective products and services, so you can stand out from the competitors and increase the company's profit!

Online Showroom

But how does this help your business?!

Start by realizing that: a storefront is for a (physical) store, just as an online storefront is for your website. In addition to a potential communication tool, your website is the online face of your business, so it must be appealing, functional, easy to navigate and contain relevant content representing your business goals. This way, your website can offer you numerous advantages:

  • Notoriety and Visibility

    In addition to presenting your company and its brand, it allows you to advertise your products and services, being easily found by consumers through the search engines.
  • Trust

    A company with a good online presence (website, blog, social networking and digital marketing) and associated faces (CEO and employees) conveys more confidence and security to consumers. So do not be afraid to show up!
  • Marketing Tool

    A website allows you to easily adapt content, pages, and integrations with other platforms, in order to improve the user experience and keep it longer on the website.
  • Availability

    Your business, products and services will be presented 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, increasing the likelihood of closing more deals!
  • Customer Relationship

    Realize where your customers come from and tailor your marketing strategy to the results you get. So you can establish a personalized dialogue for each of your targets.
  • Sales Channel

    Through the presentation of products and/or services in an ecommerce or online catalog, the likelihood of purchase increases, since consumers do not need to move to analyze their characteristics.

Online Shopping

But just like in physical stores, a website also requires some care, such as maintenance, retention, and restructuring where necessary. And sometimes it is even necessary to do some "cleaning" and changes! Do you know why? Because consumers are increasingly demanding and informed and new technologies are part of their daily lives, facilitating communication and detailed information research. Thus, it is important that you know that the analysis and possible choice of a competitor of yours, to the detriment of your services, is within reach of a simple touch on the screen! Take a step (which is like who says: a loooooooot of steps) ahead of your competitors and increase the profit of the company!

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