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07 Mar, 2017 09:00

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Every day thousands of mobile applications are downloaded from various areas, aimed at improving the personal and professional quality of life of its users. With customized design, menu and submenus, registrations and user management, login, search, integration with social networks, among other features.

The technology evolves and with it also evolve the Mobile and Web Apps, so that they are adapted to the needs of the users and their respective markets. Regardless of the business area, mobile applications allow fast and easy access to useful tools for the user, but also, freedom of use, enjoyable browsing experience, business accomplishment and access to existing mobile phone features (camera, GPS, Agenda, etc.), as well as being one of the main market trends, as consumers are increasingly mobile. Which in turn represents a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for companies! To promote your products and services, retain customers, generate leads and enjoy a new communication channel!

And the best part: Mobile or Web Apps can be created for ALL Business Areas!

But today we bring a new project that we are developing: DentOnline, a Management Software, Mobile App and Institutional Website, dedicated exclusively to Dental Clinics, in order to facilitate their management. It was during the inauguration of Paredental in Lisbon, on March 6, 2017, that we presented our project, in the presence of our Official Partners: iPremium [which treats your Macs with great love and dedication, providing a service of excellence to All equipment!].


But what is the goal of DentOnline ?! Developed to think about the whole process of Managing a Dental Clinic, this Mobile App aims to assist the FrontOffice team and Clinic Specialists in their daily tasks. In particular, at the level of the appointment (rescheduling and cancellation), alerts and notifications (to remind the user who has an appointment or congratulate him for his birthday), personalized follow-up of the user (through the insertion of personal data and their analysis) analysis of procedures and treatments, etc.

DentOnline | EN

With DentOnline you can save TIME and MONEY on Medical Doctor Management! And the Users will have the possibility of accessing their file, mark and consult the agenda of consultations or evaluate the service provided. In this way, all the papers, files, documents and markings will be concentrated in one place!

Would you use this App to schedule your dental Aesthetic, Orthodontic, Implantology, Periodontology, Oral Surgery, etc.?! Or would you recommend the same to your Dental Clinic ?!

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Official Partners - iPremium

Photograph of the event with some members of the team: Virgínia Fonseca (Double Design & Development), Marco Teodoro (Double Design & Development), Daniel Duarte (iPremium) and Domingos Broa (iPremium).

We would like to thank our Partners for their support and dedication! Who has an iPremium partner, has it all! ❤

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