Want to increase sales your business sales through an Online Store?!

07 Nov, 2016 09:00

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Attracting customers (and new customers), increasing sales, reducing costs and having products/services available 24/7 (7 days a week, 365 days a year) are just a few of the advantages of an Online Store)!

The sale of products/services online is increasingly an alternative that brings great return (ROI: Return On Investment) to companies and consequently consumers. Have you ever thought of having a website customized to your company's image? Where can consumers get their products without even leaving the couch?!

Even if your physical store has only one location (eg.: Leiria), it quickly reaches customers from other parts of the country, who do not have to wait for the opening hours to purchase a product/service. Available 24 hours a day, for 12 months of the year, Online Stores (e-Commerce) allow its customers greater freedom and choice, at a lower cost to the company.

But as it carries out campaigns and promotions in its physical space, it should also do it online through the implementation of discounts, loyalty actions and others previously planned, in order to attract the consumer. To do this, it is necessary to know in detail their sociodemographic characteristics, consumption habits, needs, and expectations, to define the strategy to be implemented online. Keep in mind that you will be competing with your competitors for the attention of the consumer, which in turn will have great ease in quickly changing online store if this or your products/services do not please you!


Offer the shipping costs, carry out a promotional campaign or discount (for purchases over X€) or deliver discount coupons products/services.



The World is increasingly online, so your Website and Online Shop must be adapted to each mobile device (responsive web design), to ensure a good user browsing experience (Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet).

Certainly, you have already access to a certain website through your Smartphone and can not see all the content. So remember, be prepared for all devices.


With an Online Store, you can reach a greater number of customers compared to the Physical Stores because anyone with access to the internet can find, browse and buy in your Online Shop with a simple click. Would you like to sell to other cities or countries? This is the right solution!

In this way, you can still negotiate better prices and payment conditions with suppliers, which will be reflected in higher profit margins.


Contrary to the fixed costs of a physical store (rent of the property, services, employees, etc.), an Online Store only requires the costs associated with its implementation and maintenance, namely: Integration with Payment Platforms and Billing Software (such as Moloni and InvoiceExpress), Hosting and Host of the Site and an Integrated Business Management System (and if applicable, management and updating of contents, products/services).

At the end of the article we will introduce you to some of our latest jobs at Online Stores (e-Commerce).


Do not worry about schedules, just stock! Your products/services will be available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year! And as you may have noticed, the consumer browses the Internet at different times of the day or night, having more freedom and choice, not being conditioned by queues, travel, payment methods, etc.


The truth is that people have less and less time and availability to move to the physical spaces, whether because of work, children, or play activities. And through online shopping they can purchase the products/services they want and receive them at the place they indicate, without even leaving home. By speeding up the delivery process, you will earn points in your favor!


As we mentioned earlier, technological and societal developments are changing consumer behavior, strongly influencing the way consumers look for information about a particular product or service before purchasing them. Easy access to information, high expectations, and factors such as product/service quality, price, customer service, after-sales service and others contribute to the final purchase decision.

Also the reviews and feedback from other consumers have a big impact on the consumer's decision, so you should make these options available in your Online Shop.

At Double we have the necessary tools to create and develop the Online Shop with which you have always dreamed, adapted to the image of your brand/company, with several useful features to the consumer!

In recent months we have received several requests for Online Stores, whose final result is in sight!

  • Blocomed: an Online Store that sells several Surgical Instrumental materials and a Surgical Kit that allows the training of Suture Techniques. But do you know a secret? Blocomed participated in the Shark Tank Portugal in 2015!!! 💪
  • Vitaminashop: an Online Store that sells supplementation to all athletes who train and need to replenish the nutrients and vitamins consumed during the workout.


But we did not stop here! We are finalizing the details of an Online Dive Products Store for our JUSTDIVE Underwater Experiences, a Diving Center and School in Peniche! That is why we have been more absent, but not less busy, quite the opposite! Stay tuned, more news coming!

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