04 May, 2016 09:00

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The digital medium allows us to easily measure the audience of the website and know where the visitants came from, what pages they have visited, what content they have clicked on and how long it was on the page. Almost everything can be measured, given the breadth of information available on users and the paths they run.

But how can we measure the performance of our website?

With Metrics. The metrics can be used in the main channels of online communication, such as websites, social networks, SEO, email marketing and display advertising. They allow us to analyze the performance of a certain company/brand/product online and the users' receptivity to it, through the control of the Digital Marketing Strategy.

But to use online metrics, you need to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which vary according to the core business and goals of each company. However, the goal is not to analyze all KPIs available online, but only the most relevant and useful for the business per se.

High-level KPIS is highlighted below:

- Visits: number of times the site was visited, regardless of the number of people;

- Unique Visitors: The number of people who visited your website (counted only once);

- Pageview: Total number of pages visited on the website;

- Visit Average Duration: time that the visitor stays on the website;

- Bounce Rate: Percentage of people who left the website without interacting with other pages/ did not continue browsing;

- Exit Rate: percentage of people who left the website through a certain page;

- Percentage of New Visits: indicates how many visitors are visiting the website for the first time;

Other important KPIs:

- Traffic Origin: through which source the visitor arrived at the website (organic, paid, direct, referral or social);

- Device used: it indicates the equipment used by the visitor to reach the website (desktop, mobile or tablet);

- Average page load time: indicates how long the page and/or website takes to load;

- Social Traffic: it informs which are the social networks that take the visitor to the website;

However, this analysis should not be on time, it must be carried out regularly in order to adapt the marketing strategy. We consider it important to make a monthly report, with an analysis of the most relevant KIPs for the business, although the periodicity thereof may vary, since an online store has different needs from a blog, which is different from a service provider, and So consecutively.

Each business is unique, and as such, reports must be tailored to your needs.

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