Elements and Features that Make a Difference on a Website - Part I

22 Jun, 2016 09:00

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Do you know that it takes only 8 seconds to form a first impression of something?! This is the time it will take the user to realize if they want to stay on your website or abandon it forever! This short time is enough for the user to quickly analyze the design, layout, navigation and usability of the page. Remember, you only have one opportunity to make a good impression, do not waste it! And how do you do that? Adding unique elements of Web Design to your website or page!

Here are 5 elements that will help you improve your website (note that using these always depends on your goals for your website):


In order to make it easier to navigate to the user, the "Burger menu" allow hiding in a hierarchical way several pages of the website, simultaneously presenting a long scroll of the website. In view of the increasing use of mobile devices, this menu allows you to present the website in a more organized and user-friendly way, since the tabs previously displayed in the header can be easily viewed by clicking on the menu icon or a scroll down.


Have you thought that you can facilitate and accelerate the registration of users on your website or online platform? How? By providing a registration form through social networks, the user registers quickly as long as he is logged into one of the social networks that he presents to him. This way, you will not need to waste time filling out the form fields.


Customize the texts of your website and forget about the usual Arial/Helvetica fonts! Through Google Fonts or external CSS sources, you can select more creative and original fonts, but do not forget that fonts should be responsive.

With serif, sans serif, handwriting, are three of the main typographies to use, although each of them has different objectives:

- Serif (Serif): the small strokes and/or extensions of each letter, improve their readability since they allow to easily group the letters of a word (the text seems more continuous when reading). It is a source that causes less eye strain and is ideal for large texts because it guides the reader's gaze through the text.

- Sans serif (Sans serif): often used in titles and CTA (Call To Action), highlight every word per se by quickly catching the reader's attention. There are even authors who indicate that they work best on smaller screens, however, this will always depend on your communication goal.

- Handwriting: more personal, it is a beautiful source that highlights the textual elements of the website, although it should be noted that these have to be easily perceived by the reader. It is often used in logos, headers, titles, business cards, signatures, etc.


Due to the rapid technological evolution and the consequent increase in the use of mobile devices, the user is increasingly able to scroll through websites, pages, social networks, blogs and other online platforms, as well as precisely click on a certain button or icon. The user now has all the power at his fingertips!

If the desktop was used in the past, the same is not the case today, and as such, companies and websites must adapt to this reality. An online website or page with Long Scroll, in addition to allowing the user more accessible navigation, quickly captures your attention through Storytelling, as the page is subdivided into various textual and visual elements.


Also known as "Hero Images", they are large images used to enhance a product/service/content featured on long scroll websites. They are often the first visual element observed by the user and always depend on the purpose of the website: to disseminate news, to present bestsellers, to redirect the user to a specific link, to create storytelling, among others.

But we did not stop here! Stay tuned, because we will soon publish the continuation of this article (Part II) with more characteristics relevant to the Web Design of your Website or Page! Until then, check out the competitor's websites and different sectors (do not worry, believe me!), register the elements you like best, take ideas, write and remember that website that you have seen and found excellent, could be the inspiration you need! Because yours can be even better!

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