Does your Company already have a Blog?

01 Jun, 2016 09:00

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The blog allows you to establish a link with your target and increase the engagement of your target with your brand, products and/or services. However, the content presented should always be relevant to the target.

But how do I create a blog?

  1. If your company does not have a domain, you should buy one. You can talk to us for that! ;) This must be unique and representative of your services/products, and may even be the name of your brand! After this step, you must choose the type of Hosting (hosting the domain) and select a CMS (Content Management System).
  2. If your business already has a domain and its website, simply select a Content Management System (CMS) and start writing!

There are several content managers available in the market, such as WordPress (one of the best known), Joomla, Drupal, Magento, among others, but we use Umbraco CMS! It has the best features and is easily adapted to each customer!

And now you ask us, "But why is my company supposed to have a blog?". Having a blog allows you to increase the visibility of your business and/or brand on the Internet, as it increases traffic to your website, improves your ranking in search engines and engages with the target. But not only, there are more benefits!

#1 Relevant information: disseminate news and new product/service releases. The more relevant content you publish, the greater the interest of the audience;

#2 Branding: strengthen your online presence and communicate your brand and its promotions and campaigns;

#3 Feedback: know the opinion about your brand and/or products and what the most relevant content;

#4 Interaction: narrow the communication channel with your target audience, since posts encourage feedback, questions, and feedback;

#5 Ranking: search engines recognize websites/blogs with frequent content updates and consequently improve their positions;

#6 Low cost: there are free and easy installation of content managers (CMS);

#7 Reference: be the expert in your area and use the blog to answer questions, comment on industry news, talk about the market and publish informative articles;

#8 Report: analyze the themes that generated the most traffic and return to the website, know how the visitors came to the page, its origin and sociodemographic characteristics;

Agora que já sabe alguns dos motivos pelos quais deve ter um blogue, damos-lhe algumas dicas para os posts a realizar!

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should have a blog, we give you some posts tipse!

Write content related to the evolution of your brand and its products/services, case studies, industry news and stakeholder interviews, tips on how to best use your product/service and showcase the versatility of the product and testimonials from their clients.

However, the blogging strategy does not stop here! With the intention of obtaining greater return and generating more traffic:

  • Comment on other blogs and publications in your industry;
  • Refer to people;
  • Practice Linkbuilding;
  • Share on social networks;
  • Use Guest Posting (for quality links);
  • Disclose in your newsletters;


In this way, in addition to increasing your brand awareness, you can get real-time feedback on your products and services!

But do not forget, the content is King, give it due importance and contact us! We are prepared to decipher the most arduous briefing and make your company win!

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