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16 Jun, 2016 09:00

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You're done: have you already created a blog?!

No, it's not enough just to have a blog! A blog has to be fed and updated regularly, it has to present content relevant to the audience and above all, generate return for the company! As a communication tool, it holds high potential as it allows you to make and adapt publications according to the needs of your target, but first, you must plan and structure the content of your blog correctly.

But how are you going to do that? It's simple! Here are the steps to follow to have a good blog!

Lets see how:

#1 Determine the Goal

Before starting to write, you must define the purpose of the article, ie.: increase the company's reputation, promote a new product or service, share a case study, present a recent work, and more. By prioritizing your goal, it will be easier to follow a line of reasoning and start writing some basics.

#2 Define the Audience

The audience for the article is directly related to your content, so you should define whether they are new users, repeated users, brand lovers, influencers, or a specific audience.

#3 Use Keywords

Search for the top keywords of your business and your audience. Ie.: A user who searches for "Tailor Made" has the same interest as one who searches for "Dressmakers" because they are synonyms (so, similar keywords). Both users are considering buying the product or collecting more information about it, whose research may involve the following words: unique, measure, single, order, seam, etc.

#4 Write the Article

Get to know the subject you want to approach or carry out an in-depth research on the subject. Look out for competitors blogs, see questions on social networks and contact forms, and answer the most frequently asked questions of your customers. Then, start by writing the introduction and the main ideas, you will find it easier to develop the content for each one.

#5 Experiment, learn and interact

Each topic is a learning and each article is a new opportunity to improve. Yes, because there is always something we can improve and do differently! And writing is just that, it is learning and continuous evolution, which requires a lot of reading, writing, and analysis of results, to define the next strategy in function of them.

But it does not stop here! The secret of a good article is also to convey your passion, your ideals, and your convictions, for sharing your experiences and for wanting to improve every moment. However, there are days when creativity persists in getting away (be it through fatigue, work or personal reasons) and so we have put together Five Tips that will help you stay focused!

Tips for Writing Better

  1. Brainstorming: Record all ideas, even those that seem most ridiculous at first.
  2. Inspiration: Read other articles and texts from other people.
  3. Environment: Change your space, leave your desk or take a short walk.
  4. Dialogue: share your ideas with others and listen to different perspectives on the same subject.
  5. Encouragement: listen to your favorite music, watch campaigns that marked it, read books and other different content from what you want to write.

Finally, we leave you a challenge: go to your blog and look at it from another perspective. Define the next contents according to the tips that we presented you and you will see that the return is superior!

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